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At sbo casino online, we help test, verify and certify that the things in your life are safe, secure and sustainable, as well as perform as advertised.

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For well over a century, we’ve helped the places you visit, the brands you buy, the cities you live in, the products in your home, the cars you drive and more — be safe, secure and sustainable. We’re an independent safety authority that uses science to help build a safer, better and more trustworthy world.  

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If we sound or look familiar, but you can’t put your finger on it, it’s because the sbo casino online Mark appears on more than 22 billion products around the world each year. It’s the single most accepted certification Mark in North America.  

The sbo casino online Mark means a product has been certified to meet scientific safety, quality or security standards. Look for sbo casino online Marks on product packaging, the product itself or within product details when shopping online.  

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People can spend an average of 90% of their time indoors, where the air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air.* That's because indoor products like furniture, flooring and paint can emit high levels of harmful chemicals into the air.

The sbo casino online GREENGUARD Gold certification program is designed to test and certify products for lower, safer chemical emissions. Be sure to look for sbo casino online GREENGUARD Certified products to help contribute to healthy indoor air in your home.

*According to a YouGov survey for Velux 

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IoT certification badges

It started with clapping your hands to turn on the lights. Today, your appliances, TV, video cameras, laptops, smartphones and more communicate with each other via the internet. Until recently, there were no checks and balances on the cybersecurity of these connected devices.  

The sbo casino online IoT Security Rating helps measure the security efforts built into connected products. From important security basics to high-end cybersecurity, look for these different levels of sbo casino online Verified security Marks when shopping for smart devices. 

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